A downloadable game for Windows

vous incarnez Tom un enfant de 8ans

qui se retrouve piégé dans un parc

qui a si longtemps hanté son esprit.

il devra trouver un moyen de s'enfuir.

y arrivera-t'il ?

youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_mzBQIqyOdpJ-r-lKkxjKw

twitter: https://twitter.com/FCgames9

web site: https://fcgamesind.wixsite.com/skelety

y a-t-il des bug?: fc.games.ind@gmail.com

Install instructions

vous aurez besoin de Winrar


skelety.rar 450 MB


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Could've been a neat game, player direction wasn't to great, got stuck probably to my own fault.

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The main mascot used in this game is actually just the scribblenauts skeleton texture changed slightly, it even has all the slight artistic style like how the legs are much larger instead of being boney like the rest of the skeleton. See for yourself.

ok je vais changer ça

This game was terrifying and amazing! Can't wait for part 2!

I liked the chases, jumpscares and twists during the game! :D

Great game, really enjoyed it!


This game freaked  me out a little bit.  The scares came fast and out of nowhere, barley giving you enough time to get out before the ink monsters could get you.  I liked that.  Thanks for making the game, and I am sorry that I don't speak french very will at all.  Also, to anyone who reads this have a great day!


Check this one

good game

These jumpscares got me every time >.<, but I still had so much fun playing this game keep up the good work guys can't wait to see more of this game 

incroyable! great job guys! and hopefully this becomes a new series 

So, not sure how well this will be received or if we happened to have found the same audio but, the song in the very beginning of this game is the exact same audio I have in one of my Youtube videos I uploaded in 2014. 

I'd love to know where you found the music! Thanks!

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C'est une musique libre de droit donc c'est normal si d'autre personne l'utilise 

I really like the atmosphere of the game and think the art is spot on. 

I do feel like there are some missed opportunities though to make it more creepy.

You mind if I draw Skelety with my Oc Debra  ?  

By the way love your game :D 

yes you can but what is an OC Debra

she is my other character  


could you send me the drawing to this email address fc.games.ind@gmail.com?
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sure I love to  

I just send to you  :D

I should  tell you  Debra is known as the Singing Imp  

Played this for a 3 free indie horrors. if you're looking for good honest feedback i give a full in-depth review in the video. 



Heavily inspired by BatIM its an interesting little game for sure. I'm not 100% on the story but it's got some good scary moments.

This looks like that ink game! Thanks for sharing cool game stuff..!!

Ask me for Roadrunner email support anytime..!!

Played your game in an indie romp I did. Good job on the inky asthetic!! hope you enjoy the video

Really enjoyed this, there is a definate similarity to Bendy And The Ink Machine but I think you've made it your own 😀 it's also nice to see a French game on itch.io 

Really cool game with awesome atmosphere.With a little bit of polish it would be really good.Can't wait for part 2!Keep up!:)

Awesome little game, i loved it! great job!

Gave it a go...

This game has potential, I really liked the environment.. but shooo it really scared the wits out of me when the dude started chasing me lmao. Check out my  walkthrough!

Can you release it for Android apk

Gave the game a try! :) 

This literally, reminds me of "Bendy And The Ink Machine"!

i thing i drew-

thank you,super drawing

Thats class ! 😀

hello I can put it in my game?

I DID NOT Expect this game to SCARE me so much but it did, and I have to say was worth, I LOVE what you guys did with the scares how you have to MOVE almost immediately during each area, and how each area was different, was a great touch to add some music as well!! I enjoyed playing and hope I can see more from you :)
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It's not bad at all! I love it. There was a lot of surprises which scared me a lot.

ohhhhh i loveeeee this game, congratulations

I didn't expect that this is so good.Even tho way too short lmao, I want to play more! English subtitles would be nice, I read that it's not your native language, but maybe someone could translate? :) Just suggestion. I can't wait another part!

Wow this was creepy! Loved the atmosphere and the french voice acting! Sorry for my terrible french :P Would love to see more! 

What an incredible play, I wish I understood french so I could get the full spectrum from this game. Regardless this game was so well constructed I understood what to do without any instruction at all. The art style is incredible and sets the atmosphere in an incredible way. I would love to see more of this game, you did an amazing job on this. 

thank you

Definitely a good bendy fan game. Though I really recommend having an options section for audio and consistency for free 360 looking vs limited cardinal 360 looking.

Beyond that, great game and some interesting ideas. I want to see more of this.

Here's my channel for other games I have played. http://www.youtube.com/c/Levont

This was a fun one! 

Thanks for it ;D!


Fun and creepy! Have to echo what others have said, the game is really really dark at times but I still enjoyed my time with this game! Looking forward to seeing more from this game and your studio! 

I played this game for my indie games showcase last night. I thought the game was good. I still think that with a little polish this game could be a successor to Bendy and the Ink Machine.

Looking forward to seeing what else is coming  for the game.

Really cool game. It's a little dark, but very good.

Awesome man :))

We loved this game!!  Good atmosphere too!!  Can't wait for part 2!!  

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